Welcome! This website is a celebration of the drum students that have been part of this incredible drumming journey. For many years now, I’ve been asked if there is anything about me on the Internet, the usual answer is ‘only if there is something someone else has posted’. I’ve never really seen the need to post ‘me’ on there for the world to see, (nor really had the spare time), but as the years have gone on, I’ve seen the need to tell the world about some of the incredible students that I have had the pleasure to teach and help on their journey. They are our drumming future, forging new ideas, ensuring the evolution of drumming ‘And that the Beat Goes On’.

Whether you drum for fun at home, are an amateur or professional musician, you deserve the same advice to be able to develop a good technique on the instrument so you can follow the path of excellence as far as you wish and reach your potential. Check out the Roll of Honour page – for past students who have chosen to follow the path of drumming excellence. If I’ve taught you in the past and you’d like to update me on your drumming developments, contact me via email.

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